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Being a lifetime County-Roots-Rockabilly fan and musician I began playing publicly in 2002. The band has had several incarnations of great musicians over the years, but the group we have now is by far the tightest. We can do anything from strict traditional country two steppers and waltzes, to blues and rock and roll. 

Our latest album is called Friends and was recorded at Riley's Tavern in 2018 with several of my heroes as guests.   It was all recorded in a traditional live setting by Ace Pepper and later mastered at the Zone in Dripping Springs.  It features such greats as Johnny Bush and Tommy Alverson and Shelley King just to name a few.  The  album is available here on our Store page.  

We have a 2016 release called Shop Sessions. You can check that out back on the store page as well.  It is full of originals and has done really well for us.   



We have two hall of famers in the band currently.  Billy Dee Donahue on bass, formerly the house band leader of Gilley's Club.  He was inducted into the Western Swing Hall of Fame in 2014. Big John Mills  Plays lead guitar in the band and has many accolades including Texas Music Artist Of the Year. Both have played in many legendary bands.  Youi can visit Big John Mill's page at


We are available for any type of show. Weddings, Parties, Nightclubs, and Dancehalls


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